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Great People

What are Lion Graduates made of?

Let our Graduates take you on their journey, you’ll find out what it’s like to work at LION and what it takes to be one.


Great People

What’s it really like as a graduate?

Take a look at these inspiring journeys from two recent graduates,
Matthew Kouw and Georgia Petheram

Name: Matthew Kouw
Role: Supply Chain Graduate – Beer, Spirits and Wine

Though it’s a far cry from his childhood ambition of being a pro NBA player, you could say Matthew is rather pleased with his decision to enter Lion as a 2012 Graduate.

In just a year, Lion has given him some fantastic life experiences and challenges. “I have been lucky enough to move to sunny Sydney, be involved in large scale engineering projects, learn a significant amount about brewing and packaging, lead production teams, help implement new practices and most importantly, meet some amazing people along the way”, he says.

A self-confessed fitness fanatic, he also loves Lion’s focus on the health and wellbeing of its people. “Lion promotes a well-rounded lifestyle and places a large focus on our people’s wellbeing, which allows me to stay fit and healthy”, he says.

After studying Mechanical Engineering at University, Matthew joined Lion as a graduate, and twelve months on, works in the Beer, Spirits and Wine segment of the business.

Like most graduates, Matthew found it quite daunting determining which industry he was suited to when he left university, and which company he wanted to work for. “I decided on Lion because I was already very passionate about the products they produced and I was also very impressed with the type of graduate program they offered”, he says.

“From the first moment I dealt with the company I felt extremely comfortable and knew that the culture at Lion was exactly what I was looking for. Lion really has a large focus on their culture and sociability, but at the same time people are given every opportunity to develop professionally with all the necessary support”, he adds.

Describing himself as “level-headed and lively”, Matthew is very much an open, accepting person - and constantly uses these skills to build relationships. He says he thrives on new experiences and challenges to keep life exciting, and to avoid falling into a mundane routine. He enjoys working with people - and at Lion, has been given “early opportunities to develop leadership skills, and exposure to senior leaders”.

Importantly, Matthew can see himself at Lion for many years to come. “At Lion there is so much potential for career growth down a wide range of avenues, which is important to me and most young professionals”, he says. “At the moment I’m just focusing on learning as much as I can about the brewing and packaging process and developing my leadership skills. In five years I would like to be in some sort of leadership role in Supply Chain, but beyond that I will wait and see what happens”, he says.

His favourite Lion food? King Island Double Brie.

His favourite Lion drink? James Squire Pale Ale.

Name: Georgia Petheram
Role: Sales Graduate

When she finished her Bachelor of Physical Education and BCom Majoring in Marketing, Georgia already knew she wanted to work at Lion. She’d been working here part time while at University - and says that she enjoyed it so much she simply couldn’t see herself working for anyone else!

“Lion helped me to get some great experiences and to find out what my strengths were so that I could make some influential career decisions”, she says.

When growing up, Georgia harboured ambitions of being a professional sportsperson. Today, she looks after the supply of Lion’s Beer, Wine and Spirits throughout New Zealand and internationally. However, she loves that Lion enables her to enjoy a positive work-life balance, and to stay fit and sporty. “Everyone is very encouraging of the passions and interests you have outside of work”, she says.

Georgia also loves eating and drinking with friends and family - a passion that’s perfect for her current role. “Because of the products Lion sells, it means that you can have a good time with friends and family whilst enjoying our portfolio”, she says.

She also “enjoys the challenge of thinking strategically and using what I learnt at University” and also really enjoys “the people interaction and achieving great results”.

Friendly and loyal, Georgia has a real passion for her job, a positive approach, and a very approachable personality. This is ideal for the part of her role which involves attending events - where she has the opportunity to see the results of her work, first hand.

Georgia says that Lion has nurtured her ambitions “in a fantastic learning environment” and given her fantastic opportunities - which she would like to continue long-term. “So far I have had experience in two really diverse roles; which I have really enjoyed in order to get a better picture of the whole business. I’d like to carry this on in order to nurture my strengths and create different experiences. I think by doing this I will find my niche in a sales or marketing role”, she says.

Her favourite Lion drink: Speight’s beer and cider.

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